Investment Management

Based in beautiful Petaluma of Sonoma County, Sustainvest Asset Management provides asset & investment management services to individuals,families, foundations, and institutions. Our strategies reflect the conviction that investing to generate financial returns and environmental and social impact are not only compatible, but work in parallel with each other. Sustainvest investment strategies are designed to fit each client’s risk profile, timeline and financial goals. We act as a fee-only fiduciary registered investment advisor or RIA.

The firm uses a top-down, bottom-up fundamental approach to financial advising &  portfolio management. Our top-down approach looks at emerging trends in the world to identify certain sectors of the economy that we believe will prosper in the coming years. The bottom-up approach looks at the financial health of individual companies in these sectors or industries to try and identify the leaders. Clients are divested of fossil fuel positions and we build diversified portfolios from a broad universe of investments, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and low-cost ETFs or exchange traded funds.

Asset management services include monitoring and adjusting portfolio allocations and researching the selection of investments. We maintain an investment portfolio properly structured and diversified to meet each client’s needs and objectives whether growth, balanced or income-based. All clients complete our Investor Profile Questionnaire during our initial meetings as well.